In the 1930s, Soichiro Honda created a piston rings manufacture, Tokai Seiki Heavy Industry, which was absorbed during the second world war by Toyota. After the war, Honda joins a business man, Takeo Fujisawa with whom he founded on 24 September 1948 the Honda Motor Company.  They started to produce a bicycle with a small engine called Type A. That was successful and launched the brand. From 1963, the brand was launched in the cars production and produces the S360, the S600 and S800.

The registered office of the company is located a Tokyo of Minato district.

In competition, Honda arrived in Europe in the early 1960, winning world titles with an Honda 50 cm multi-cylinder.

Honda will market as a 1000 cm has six cylinder in-line, the Honda CBX (air-cooled, 24-valve). Honda will be the first world manufacturer to produce in series a bike turbo-compressed, the CX 500 Turbo in 1982. This first 500 will be followed by a Turbo 650.

In 1986 Honda VFR Honda first appear. Resume solutions technology proven in competition gives them an immediate success. 

For the lack of competitiveness, Honda will eventually sell its all-terrain vehicles with engines two-stroke Honda.

Honda unveiled on 2013 the MSX 125 for Mini Extreme 125 Street. A motorcycle assembled in Thailand and with equipment and a mechanical known to reduce manufacturing costs, but that does not skip over the technology.

765 mm seat height will facilitate access to the beginners or young women the most flimsy. In addition, its 101.7 kg kerb weight augurs a large facility taken into hands. Its ultra compact (1 200 mm wheelbase) dimensions, finally, to store the MSX 125 on board a camper or boat.

Technically, one statement of issues interesting, quite innovative for this category. Announces very rigid, the girder steel frame connects the footrest plates steering column and shaft swingarm. An architecture well known on the trademark large sizes. All frame / cover tank was the subject of a patent by the trademark filing.

Dressing tank can house a portion of the electronics of the bike as well as the injection system. The tank presents a capacity of 5.5 liters. It is low, but as the consumer promises to be equally, we hope a decent battery life. The cycle section picks up classical elements, although the reverse fork is a sporty note.

Motor side, Honda gives to the taste of the day a mechanics already past base has more than 930,000 units since 2003. It is a injected 4-stroke single-cylinder, air cooled, and has a box four reports. 9.8 Horses announced power gives an idea of the MSX 125 road capacity, which will limit its field of action.

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